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Knowing your white ingredients has nothing to do with weight loss, but it was a lot of fun for the chapter to try and figure out what they were. I took the test myself and only got 5 correct!! And I was the one who put the ingredients in the baggies. -Deb

12 numbered baggies filled with white ingredients from the kitchen

RULES and Game Sheet
Click on links below for
program and game sheet

RULES and Answer Sheet

Member's Program Sheet


Vi Witt, Jeanne Weaver and June Wolter,
members of #CA2311, Lucerne, try guessing
what each white ingredients is.

OctopiMI1736 Dexter
YIPPEE...Another Octopus Contest...This time
MI1736 Dexter is getting into the act.


Daniel Kionka, Leader CA0981, San Jose


LINK: click here


I don't know where I got this

Click here for Rules


CONTEST submitted by: Carlene Wellington

Click on all four links for Game Board, Instructions, Team Tally Sheet and Individual Tally Sheet

If you have any questions, call Carlene at: 253-845-8693 or email:

RULES and INSTRUCTIONS 2santaloserboardwww







Click on image for rules



Click on image for rules


WA1503, Port Orchard Octopus Contest
The multicolored one is Aleta Belvin's, pink one is Dana Suttel's, the white one is Karen Fortner's
and the red one is Barb's. They all donated two gifts to a basket that will go to the winner or winners in the case of a tie.

Submitted by PA 0858, Terre Hill's COLEADER

Click on Link below



This is our new contest (CA2311, Lucerne) which started in April.
It's fairly simple. Lose weight...move your marker one space
per quarter pound. Gain, move back. Caterpillar is worth ten pound loss.



RightsnowflakeLose Weight From January to January...Win Big Bucks!! Click on this link: Year Long Contest for all the details.Leftsnowflake


Each contestants pays a fee to join contest. Depending on what area you live in, your chapter members can decide which type of race to play...Some choices include: race cars, dog sleds, boats, horses, whatever...Get a bulletin board or cork board and put a racetrack poster on it with sections marked off. Have each member cut out a cardboard game pieces (dogs sleds, cars, etc...) with their name written on them. Use tacks or pushpins to attach them to the starting line on the board. Losses move game pieces forward, gains move pieces backwards. Each section may represent 1/4 pounds, or whole pounds...whatever the chapter decides. The first to cross the finish line wins. If your chapter is large, you may have second and third place place winners. If the game is played correctly, the member who loses the most weight will win. Penalties for being absent may be having to move back two sections.
GOOD LUCK...and they're off...



Pretty much the same as the Off to the Races Contest. Each contestant receives a dart as a game piece. Everyone starts on the outer ring of the target. Loses result in moving towards the bullseye. Gains result in moving away from the center. If member has a gain the first week, they must lose that weight before putting their dart on the starting ring. The rules are that the first person who hits the bullseye MUST stay there for two more weeks before claiming their prize. Prize is determined by the chapter members. KOPS rules may be included to help Kops stay in leeway, or below goal.




Each member makes their own small clothespin bag (or purchases one) and brings it to the chapter the week of the contest. Each member receives 12 clothespins, provided by the chapter, to put into their bag. Weekly losses...take one pin out. a clothespin into your bag. After so many weeks, the member with the least clothespins wins, or you may continue until a member empties their bag completely. Prize determined by the chapter BEFORE the start of the contest.




The Halloween Contest based on points was enjoyed by PIEDMONT TOPS, Alabama (1968 TOPS NEWS) The chapter divided into teams and received points for attendance, exercising and losing weight. The losing team would have to dress in funny costumes and be greeted at the next meeting with a "trick or treat" from the members of the winning team. The tricks or treats could be raisins, pickles, carrots, or cantaloupe on toothpicks, or small diet cookies, or sugar free penny candies that were prepared at home and brought into the chapter on platters. (the magazine reports that this competition netted a 48 pound loss from the 12 members who participated.)


or backwards: TSETNOC TNIOP MAET

Members are assigned to teams. For five weeks, each member earns points for attending the entire meeting, submitting a completed food chart, sending a card or calling someone that week, and losing weight. To add to the suspense, however, on the last week, members must weigh in backwards and aren't told if they lost or gained. This way, no one knows ahead of time who the winning team will be until the weight report is read at the meeting.



Volunteer who doesn't want to do the contest, is given money from the treasury, to buy a great prize to wrap beautifully will bring it to the chapter to display in full view for all the members to see. Any member wishing to join contests will write their name on a piece of small paper and attach it to the wrapped gift. Chapter members decide how many weeks they want the contest to run. If member gains, their name comes off the gift. Last name on the gift wins!!! Kops rules need to be included. Or chapter can have a separate gift for the KOPS to compete for.



These are our octopi. Our chapter CA 2311, Lucerne, just started this contest to get us through the 8 weeks left in the year of 2013. Each week, if you have a gain, you must snip off a leg of your octopus. Everyone thinks this is awful, but we are in TOPS to LOSE weight...not, if you do what you're in TOPS for, you won't lose any legs off your octopus. At the end of year, whoever's pet has the most legs will win the collected $1 for each octopus. Our chapter is small, so the grand prize will be $7.00.

Happy Holidays!!!




This contest was played by Lucky Belles TOPS, North Hollywood, CA. A house was constructed out of paper and cut into many pieces. This is determined by the chapter before the contest starts. Each piece of the house is worth a certain number of points which are earned by the team members for attendance and weight loss. The first team to complete the construction of the house wins. The losing team must "entertain" the winning team by preforming a skit, or singing songs, or other type of entertainment.

Sounds like fun, doesn't it?

These little contest ideas were taken from the September TOPS NEWS 1968.


This contest was set up for those members with clothing problems while losing weight. Weight losses or turtles earned one "buck" and attendance earned 1/2 buck. Bonus bucks were given for other tasks such as giving a program, exercise and turning in a food chart. Members brought in clothing marked with sizes and some household items at the start of the competition. When the contest closes, members will auction off the items using their earned "bucks." The chapter will have fun while providing members with clothing to fit their trimmer figures and other white elephant items that have been brought in.


Cascade Mountain TOPS in Bend, Oregon, (chapters had names back then...not numbers!) enjoyed a Christmas Tree Contest for TOPS and KOPS. Two trees were silver and one gold. TOPS names were printed in silver on BLUE "T's" and hung on the silver tree. KOPS names were printed in gold on white "K's" and hung on the gold tree. A gain or turtle for TOPS removed their letter, but KOPS only dropped off only with a gain. Last TOPS and KOPS left on the tree will win. Prizes to be determined by the chapter before the contest begins.

Money 42955 640


a. Runs month to month.
b. Strickly voluntary to join.
c. At the last weigh-in of the month members have to decide if they want to be in the contest the next month.
d. It cost $5 to join.
e. Each weigh in of the month TOPS must have a loss. If they have a gain or turtle or miss the meeting they owe $5. KOPS must be at or below goal, if they are above goal, even if they lost, or they miss a meeting, they owe $5. It could cost you as much as $25 if you don't lose and there are 5 weigh-in that month. Thus the reason we call it "Big Bucks".
f. At the last weigh in for the month, the money is awarded to the TOPS/KOPS that had the most # of losses or weigh ins at or below goal. If there is more than one, the money is split among all winners.


a) At the start of the contest it cost $2 to join, we ask for members to pay in quarters.
b) KOPS and TOPS are kept separate and just compete against their own.
c) Each members quarters are put into a little container with their name on it. The TOPS names are done in a different color then the KOPS to make it easy to keep them separated.
d) Each week that a TOPS has a loss they get to take 1 quarter out of their jar. If the TOPS has a gain or a turtle or misses the meeting they have to add a quarter to their jar.
e) Each week that KOPS are at or beow goal they get to take a quarter out of their jar. If a KOPS is above goal or misses a meeting they have to add a quarter to their jar.
f) The first TOPS to empty their jar wins all the quarters in the remaining TOPS jars. The first KOPS to empty their jar wins all the remaining quarters in the KOPS jars. For multiple winners the money is split equally.
g) This can go as short as 8 weeks or as long as it takes for someone to empty their jar.
Submitted by: Kathy Beggane
Leader, CA 0515, Santa Clarita

Another page of contest ideas: Contests from CA0009, Burbank

Goodie BagGoodie BagGoodie BagSubmitted by: CA 0379 Thousand Oaks
This song was entertainment by a contest losing team to the winning team.
We supplied decorated small bags with one favorite thing in each, as a congratulatory gift for winners to take home.
Goodie BagGoodie BagGoodie Bag
FAVORITE THINGS – TOPS VERSION (Presenters sing once, then everyone sings) 3 Stanzas:
Pants that have latex 'n
slippers so fuzzy,
Tops with bright colors;
no bulge on my tummy.
Giggles at meetings
fun contests to bring
These are a few of
my favorite things.
Sweet and tart apples.
Grapes that we suckle
Salads that crunch,
and veggies to juggle
Beans and brown rice
all will lead me to sing,
These are a few of
my favorite things
Weight down today,
I feel light as a feather
I skip and then pause to pick
frag-rant blue heather
More pounds lost next week
will lead me to Queen,
These are a few of
my favorite things


When the scale tips
When my mood dips
When I ate petite fours

I simply remember my favorite things....
And then I’m jazzed up...once...more!!

Actual Goodie Bag
Decorated by Leader

8 week Contest Submitted by:
TOPS CA 0379 Thousand Oaks

click link for instructions and questions

Instructions and Questions

Chart for keeping track

This is the Question Drawing Board

LC Question Draw041

Chapter FUND RAISER Idea:

We had a fund raiser last spring. It was a swap meet at the Senior Center. It cost for a parking spot and we bought two. There were lots of vendors and even food (not good food). The Center provided tables and disposal of all the left over stuff no one wanted to take home.
All members worked a shift.
I was there all day taking in money. It was lots of work, but also lots of fun. Very organized drop off procedure by the center. We had the advantage of LOTS of shoppers. We took in over $200 for our chapter and had fun walking around looking at everyone else's stuff too.
(submitted by member Judy Sander)

Another Fund Raising Idea

We always have a bag auction every year for another fundraiser among our members. Members decorate their bag to give "clue" as to what might be inside. A starting bid is placed on the back by the person donating the bag. Items must be good quality and cost must be kept to a minimum. Some members will bid very high, determined to get a specific bag.


Anyone who does not want to participate doesn't have to, of course. We took in $143 on our last auction. We have a fabulous auctioneer. We usually split our sales on these type of fund raisers 50/50 to general fund and SRD fund. The main purpose is to be sure there is enough money in the SRD fund for those who want to attend.
(submitted by chapter's Treasurer, Judy Sander)

Paper Doll Contest by Karen Jacobs-Elton for TOPS WA276 Silverdale

$1 sign up fee (8 week contest)
* Personal paper doll for each member.
* Eight (8) pieces of clothing (paper pieces) such as:
Hair, Shirt, Pants or Dress, Shoes (2), Socks (2), and a Hat. (1 piece per week).
Each member gets their own Paper Doll to attach items of clothing to. A weekly weight loss is all that is needed to play. One item of clothing per week for 8 weeks will be put on your personal paper doll with a loss of weight each week. Turtles do not count. Members will also be voting on the cutest decorated doll at the end of the contest, winner gets a special prize!
To cover your Paper Doll with "clothing" and win the contest. Member who has the most clothes on his/her paper doll wins the contest and all proceeds from the contest. If there is a tie, prize monies will be divided accordingly
Barbidoll Chelsdoll Janetdoll Karendoll Marilyndoll Ruthdoll Virginiadoll

submitted by Glorya Neitzel
submitted by Glorya Neitzel
(not an actual contest for you to enter)
Submitted by: Rhonda Madison WA1147, Graham
Rhonda's Blog

It is called: Stay FREE with me For SRD!
Click here: Stay Free with Me Contest
Rhonda says, "This contest was for my chapter only. It has really motivated quite a few members. One is going to try and achieve her KOPS status losing those final difficult pounds, and another wants to regain her KOPS status. A few others who’d like to go to SRD are motivated to work a little harder on Taking Off Pounds Sensibly. I presented this contest to my chapter, as I have a Time Share near the Ocean Shores SRD, but can only invite a few members to stay free with me. So instead of picking and choosing and someone feeling slighted, I made it a contest. A few people who need to get back their KOPS status and one who has struggled for years to get there, but been 10-12 pounds away tell me they are super motivated by this. I can’t wait to see who gets to GO FREE WITH ME TO SRD by ending the year with big weight losses."

  Stuff Your Turkey CONTEST  

  and remember:  
Turkeyposter Turkeydollars
Poster with dollars, and dollars with names
  1. Everyone in the chapter joins by having their name put on a dollar.
  2. If a member comes back after Thanksgiving with a loss or maintain, they get a $1.00 from the chapter
  3. If a member comes back after Thanksgiving with a gain, their $1.00 is put in a pot.
  4. The member who comes back with the greatest loss-gets the pot of money.

(Can't remember where I got this one, but I think it is cool. -Deb)

Each member who wants to participate will write their phone number on identical slips of paper. Each phone number is placed in a drawing. Names are not included on the slip of paper so members won’t know who they are calling that week. Each week a new numbers are chosen. Each member keeps track of how many calls they made, who they called and may report any helpful conversations they may have had. After four weeks of members calling each other, an “end of the month” program could be given on the activity of keeping in touch with others, how it helped them, if they lost weight, etc.

Team Charm Contest
WA 1503, Port Orchard
Two or three teams are chosen. Each team is given a “bracelet.” This could be an actual bracelet, a drawing of a creative. Each team is encouraged to earn “charms” to put on their team bracelet. Charms could be something purchased at the Dollar Store. Each member will receive a charm for their bracelet for 1) weighing in and staying for the entire meeting, 2) weight loss, 3) exercise (at least 20 minutes), 4) drinking their 8 glasses of water a day, 5) sending a note to team member, 6) keeping a food chart.
Any member gaining during the contest is automatically out of the contest. One absence is okay. Turtles are okay, member just can’t count it as a loss. Whichever team winds up with the most charms on their bracelet wins. Prize is chosen by the chapter before the contest begins.
Ten Dollar Jar Contest
From WA 765, Spokane
Each week you have a loss, you put your name in the JAR.At the end of 6 weeks, a name is drawn for the $10.00. Kops may put their name in each week they are AT or BELOW goal.

10 Dollar Bill

Click on links below for more ideas

Quilt Contest

May FlowersCard Contest

Earn Tickets Contest

Tic-Tac Dough Contest
Paper Clip Contest:
Have the chapter buy a couple boxes of paper clips. Each person who enters the contest may earn a paper clip for each quarter pound they lose. If they gain, they have to give back the paper clips. A chain is made by each member and prizes may be given out for the first person to have a long enough chain to go around their waist, or for the first person who has a chain as long as their height in inches, etc. (make up certain lengths as short goals as the contest progresses) Finally, after a six week period, whoever has the longest chain of paper clips wins the grand prize. Kops rules may be added in a different category such as, at or below goal, two paper clips, in leeway over goal, one paper clip.

This is an eight week contest. Every member makes their own octopus. See instructions below.
TOPS: Each week each member must lose, or turtle and stay for the meeting or their octopus will get one leg cut off.
KOPS: Kops must stay for the meeting, be in leeway or at or below goal or their octopus will get one leg cut off.

At end of 8 weeks every member gets a chance in a drawing for every leg they have left or the chapter may run the contest til all but one member's octopus has more legs left than anyone else. Prize can be whatever you wish. A basket with multiple items or a single item, money, whatever.

  1. You will need a 2 1/2 inch styrofoam ball and yarn.
  2. Cut 48 strands of yarn that are 36" long each.
  3. Tie in middle with yarn.
  4. Secure yarn on the top of your ball putting a pin in the center (where tied)
  5. Pull yarn down over ball so it's covered and tie at bottom. Leave excess yarn attached.
  6. Divide excess strands of yarn into 8 sections for legs (12 strands each)
  7. Braid each section into a 6 inch braid.
  8. Tie ends and trim.
  9. Your octopus can be decorated with a face, or tie ribbons, buttons, bows..etc.
submitted by: Dana Suttell

Dana explains: We are currently running a contest called Don't Pop Your Bubble.For Wii fans, you will recognize this idea. We all paid $1.00 to get into the contest for the first month. At the end of the month, to stay in your bubble you have to have a net loss or turtle. If you remain in your bubble you pay another $1.00 and continue for another month. If you have a gain you have to pop your bubble and sink into the river. The cash prize is awarded to the last member in their bubble. Both our TOPS and KOPS are participating in this contest since maintaining will keep you in your bubble. We hope this will run for many months and there will be a fun cash pot at the end. Linda Zahnow, who is a KOPS, designed the board. (There is a picture of our members in each bubble) No one wants to pop their bubble and sink so it has been a fun incentive to lose weight or stay in leeway.
Taken from January 1963 Tops News

Calorie Countdown

Calorie Countdown as played by the Dearborn, Michigan, Cal-Cutters TOPS emphasizes the fact that to lose weight one must know calories and count them everyday.

Members are divided into two teams. All members stand. Leader names a certain food. Teams must quote the correct calorie count. Team members may discuss their guesses and one person from the team is chosen to answer. If incorrect, that player must sit down.

Last player standing wins for their team.

Generally speaking, it's the member that is losing weight who will remain standing the longest. says the leader.

Best Hand Wins

Each member who wishes to participate pays $1.00 to join Card Contest. One person in chapter my be designated as the dealer. In order for members to draw one card, they must have a loss of one pound. (quarter pounds each week that total a pound qualifies) If member loses one pound, they draw once. If a member loses two pounds or more, they have the option to keep their first card, or discard it and draw another. GAINERS must pay into the kitty a fine of 50 cents. Members keep their cards throughout the contest. (if they lose their cards, they are disqualified) (KOPS rules may be included) After seven weeks member with the best hand containing 5 cards wins. If member gets to draw each week for 7 weeks, they must discard 2 cards. Member with best hand wins the kitty.

Toss A Salad Contest
From the Archives

This is a 6 week contest.

From blue colored construction paper, cut out bowls for each participant. Glue the bottom and side edges of the bowls onto a large poster board. Leave opening on top of bowl to insert veggies later. Put name of participant on their bowl.

Cut out salad ingredients from colored construction paper. Make green lettuce leaves, orange carrots, red tomatoes and brown mushrooms. Make salad dressing by cutting out ”blobs“ of white paper.

Charge an entry fee and use it to purchase large salad bowl and salad tongs as the prize.

Losses or turtles earn a piece of the salad. Do 2 lettuce leaves, 1 carrot, 2 tomatoes, 1 mushroom. A gain earns a blob of salad dressing. Two gains and you're out of the contest.

If it end in a tie, whoever lost the most weight wins. or, you may draw names among the qualifiers.
Butterfly Contest
Submitted by:
Aleta Belvin
WA 1503, Port Orchard


Using the sample in the picture of the butterfly above, provide each contest participant with a copy. Make sure butterfly has 30 different sections.

COLOR-in a section as follows for each week.
  1. Lost weight or turtled. (Kops loss or at/below goal)
  2. Filled out food chart and brought to chapter.
  3. Exercise 20 minutes five different times during the week.
  4. Write, email, or call a fellow Tops member.
Once you have completely filled in all sections your prize will be awarded.

Chapter members may decide ahead of time what the prizes may be. (A butterfly lapel pin, or a butterfly calendar, for example.)

Butterfly Clipart28    Butterfly Clipart28    Butterfly Clipart28
Ladybug Contest
From the Contest Archives

I believe we got this one from Nancy Marasco years ago.


This contest is very simple. Using sample (above) make a bigger drawing on card stock, four to a page. Cut in sections. Give each contestant a ladybug picture and a safety pin. Have them cut out the ladybug very carefully and use the safety pin to pin it on like a name tag.

Any gains during this 6-week contest will result in having to CUT OFF a leg from ladybug. The contestant with ALL their bug's legs at the end of 6 weeks will win. One turtle is allowed. After turtling once, the next turtle will result in having to cut off a leg. You may color in spots for losses.

If you have formed the habit of checking on every new diet that comes along, you will find that, mercifully, they all blur together, leaving you with only one definite piece of information:
French fries are out.

~Jean Kerr
Adopt a Pet Contest
submitted by:
WA 1503, Port Orchard

*Each member participating must bring in at least one stuffed animal. New or gently used.
*If you have a loss the first week, you get to pick out your favorite pet and take it home with you for incentive to work for a loss the next week.
*If you gain you don't get a pet this week and need to work for a loss next week to receive one.
*Each following week if you lose you may keep your pet or exchange it for a new one. If you gain your pet goes back to "pound" and becomes available for adoption.
*This contest is great for 4-6 weeks.(or however long your chapter wants to do it.)
*At the end of the contest you can award prizes to the owner with the greatest loss, most weeks lost, etc. Also anyone that ends the contest with a loss can keep their adopted pets.
*Any pets still in the pound are donated to a local charity. Our chapter actually collected many additional animals and enjoyed the resulting donation.

(taken from October 1961 issue of Tops News)
Each member places an artificial rose into the same vase. Each week, no matter if they gain or lose, each member must put a quarter in the vase. They must have a loss each week or their flower will be removed. Last “rose of the summer” remaining in vase wins contest. Prize: All the money and the beautiful vase.
Manicure Contest
submitted by:
WA 1503, Port Orchard

This contest costs $1.00 to join.
Each participant draws their hands onto a blank piece of paper making sure to include fingernails.

TOPS can paint one fingernail for a loss each week.

KOPS can pain one fingernail for a loss each week of by being 3 pounds below goal.

If the member GAINS, TURTLES or is ABSENT (excused or not) they do NOT get to paint a fingernail.

The first TOPS member and the first KOPS member will win a free manicure valued at $12.00

If there is a tie, the member that lost the most wins.


Submitted by Aleta Belvin
WA 1503, Port Orchard
"Waist" Disposal Contest
submitted by:
Rainie Betters

Find or draw a picture of a garbage truck with squares on it. Make copies for each member who wishes to participate.

Contest runs for 12 weeks

The "waist" disposal truck has eleven squares. Members must lose weight to earn a "garbage bag" to put on one square each week. Members must have kept off their weight loss of eleven weeks on the 12th weigh-in.

The winner will be the member who has the most "garbage bags" on their truck.

In case of a tie, a drawing will be made to determine the winners. Or winner may be the member who lost the most weight.

TOPS will put a garbage bag in one square each week they lose weight.
KOPS will put a garbage bag in one square for being "at or below goal" or for having a loss to get back below goal. 1 prize will be given for TOPS. 1 prize will be given to KOPS.

A "recycle" bin may be included with this contest where members may place their bad habits to earn points for a separate prize.
CONTEST IDEAS #1 (Word doc)CONTEST IDEAS #2 (Word doc)CONTEST IDEAS #3 (Word doc)
Race Horse Team Contest
idea taken from 1961 issue of Tops News

* Make each member a “rider”as seen in above picture.
* Have each member write their name on their rider.
* Choose teams of two by putting everyone's name in a hat. Draw out two names. Those two members become a “team“ and get to choose a name for their horse.
* Make enough horses so each team has one. Place riders on horse.
* Place horses at the “starting line” on a poster board marked by “lengths”.
* Horses advance by earning lengths.
Earn 1/4 of a length by having both team members:
1) Keep and bring in their food charts.
2) Attend and stay for the meeting
3) Write at least one note to someone other than their teammate.
4) Exercise at least 20 minutes three times that week.
Earn a 1/4 length per quarter pound lost. For instance, if member loses 1/4 pound, they earn a quarter length. If they lose 1/2 pound, they get a 1/2 length...etc.
If BOTH team members gain that week, they must go back to the starting line and start over. The team that crosses the finish line first wins grand prize (EITHER THEY SPLIT THE MONEY, OR EACH OF THEM WILL WIN A SPECIFIC PRIZE DECIDED BY CHAPTER BEFORE CONTEST STARTS)

Submitted by:Janis Rogers-Secretary
TOPS WA 324, Colville

The game ends when the first person each of KOPS and TOPS reaches the 100 degree mark.
Being present for the entire meeting = 1 degree
Losing weight:
1 degree for a loss of 1/4 to 1 pound
2 degrees for a loss of 1 1/4 to 2 pounds
3 degrees for a loss of 2 1/4 to 3 pound and so on.

Weight must be recorded with the weight recorder.
1 degree for attendance of the entire meeting each week
1 degree for being within leeway each week
1 degree for a loss of 1/4 to 1 pound
2 degrees for a loss of 1 1/4 to 2 pounds
3 degrees for a loss of 2 1/4 to 3 pounds
If you are above or below leeway you may not count losses.
You must get back within leeway to count losses
You may count being present for the entire meeting if you are or are not in leeway
This article was found in the September 1961 issue of the Tops News


At the end of a weight losing contest, this chapter held a party honoring the team showing the most weight lost. Pictured left to right: Mrs. Mildred Gerardy, leader, Mrs. Lois Stevenson, Mrs. Willa Babcock, KOPS, Mrs. Ruth Clagg, and Mrs. Margaret Hilton. Losers all wore bibs, with smiling pig faces with the caption "I'm a pig." Tables were centered with a “pig pen” complete with various sizes of ceramic pigs. A colorful fruit plate, with favors of cookies in pig shape, together with place cards of small pigs made the low calorie luncheon most attractive. Games and appropriate songs added to the enjoyment of all present.

Another article from the September 1961 issue of the Tops News.

If there is any question in your mind as whether you are or are not overweight, here is a quick, fairly satisfactory evaluation of your status. It is called the height-girth ratio and is quoted from the question and answer column of TOPS' good friend, Dr. William Bolton in the August issue of Today's Health.

“Subtract the measurement in inches about your waist from your height in inches. If the resulting figure is 35 or less you are on your way to obesity. The optimum (the most favorable) is considered to be about 38.”

Taken from the February 1962 issue of the Tops News (verbatim)


A unique contest has stimulated interest and competition in the Belt Binders, Portland, Ore. (Tops chapters had names back then, not numbers) An attractive billfold, purchased by the treasury, is displayed at each meeting. The contest goes in four-week cycles. Members make individual pledges and all names are placed in an envelope. At the end of four weeks, a name is drawn. If member has lost weight pledged, she wins billfold; if not, 50 cents is placed in the billfold and a new four week cycle begins. At the present writing, there is two dollars in the billfold. If and when the billfold is won, another will be purchased to keep this exciting contest going.

Apple Tree 733
Taken from the February 1962 issue of the Tops News (verbatim)

Apples, bearing names of members, will fall from the tree if gains are shown in the Victory TOPS, N. Hollywood, CA. Alter Ego Tops, Imperial Beach, CA are also having an apple contest combined with individual pledges. Each had pledged a fifteen pound loss by June 1st. If mission is not accomplished, a one dollar penalty must be paid. The penalties will be used as prize money.

Are you always nervous-eating?
And on your diet are you cheating?
Grab a carrot-celery too.
That will add five points to you.
+5 points if you had a carrot/celery stick today.
-5 points if you didn't.

If all day you sat and sat,
Minus 10 points, how about that?
-10 points if you didn’t exercise.
+10 points if you did.

Taking off pounds can be a thrill
I’ll get in new shape-I know I will.
+1 point for each 1/4 lb lost at the last weigh-in.

Spring breezes blow over the mountains
Clouds float over the sea.
Smart members stick to their diets.
To see how slim they will be.
+5 points for sticking to it today.
-5 points for slipping off it today.

Yippee! Whee! My happy soul.
I just ate a doughnut hole.
But from the doughnut I refrained.
And not a single pound I gained.
+10 points for not gaining at the last weigh-in.

If camaraderie is what you lack,
Tops pals will get you on the track,
Discuss your problems without fear,
For problems we all have, my dear.
+5 points for sharing with a Tops pal today.

Count your calories, 1, 2, 3,
Down the scale will go, you’ll see.
For counting calories is a must,
If in your scale you will again trust.
+5 points for counting calories/exchanges today.
-5 points if you didn’t.

Easter Egg Basket Contest

  1. Each member who wants to play will put a quarter in each of 5 plastic eggs. These eggs will be stored in a large zip lock baggie along with the member’s name.

  2. If member is absent or gains any of the 5 weeks they must give up one of their eggs and put it into the main Easter basket.

  3. Whoever has any eggs left by the end of the contest, each of these members will get an equal portion of the eggs that are in the basket.

  4. It has been decided that this contest will run for 5 weeks before Easter.

Any changes in these rules after the contest starts should be discussed and voted upon by the membership before doing anything otherwise stated in the above rules.
Seven Card Stud Contest
submitted by Charlie Mason
WA 1080, E. Wenatchee
This contest runs for seven weeks. The game consists of a board, containing all the member's names, (for photo click here: Chapter Highlights and scroll down) and one deck of cards or for a larger chapter, two decks. (Used decks from the casinos work just fine.) The cards are scattered, face down on a table. Each week, when a TOPS loses weight or stays the same and a KOPS is at or below goal, they get to draw one card from the pile. That card is glued below their name. At the end of seven weeks, the best poker hand displayed by a TOPS and a KOPS, wins the contest. In case of identical hands, which is rare, two prizes are awarded. You do not have to have drawn seven cards to win. Note that "Evelyn S." in the upper right corner only has three cards, two jokers and a seven of spades. No other TOPS had a better hand, so she won the TOPS prize. In the case ofthe KOPS there were three members that were at or below, drawing six or seven cards, throughout the contest. Even then, "Loretta L." and "Bonnie W." both ended up with only a pair of aces, but Bonnie had a king "kicker" and Loretta had a queen, so Bonnie won. Charlie says, "We play this contest a couple or more times a year as it holds the members interest, not knowing who wins, until the last one or two cards are drawn. As this contest turned out, there was only one "three of a kind" who won the TOPS prize and just one pair won the KOPS prize. We just scrape the cards off to start a new game, adding new names as needed.