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Coleader Melissa Schmehl AZ 0368 Yuma
Why I love TOPS. In the first week of March 2012, we came home to find our beloved dog, Lucy, had suffered a stroke and we had to have her put to sleep. Then later that week we received a phone call and was told that my last family member and only sibling, my brother Rusty died. He was only 46. The next bad news came a week later when my back doctor told me my scoliosis was worsening and I should no longer lift weights or run. With all this I gained 14 pounds. Then a dear friend and a new leader, Irene Gavasso, invited me to attend just one TOPS meeting. She said it might be what I needed. She was right and I really enjoyed it. My competitive nature returned and I was determined to lose this grief weight. A year later my confidence is back, I am a KOPS, I lift weights, run and do yoga. This past October 3rd at 47 years old I ran my 3rd 5k outdoing my past two times, finishing in 33 minutes and 30 seconds. I love TOPS and I love my chapter members. Thanks to them I am back! see photo at Member Activities

Pat Foust-WA1284, Ocean Park

Orpha Eget CA1601, Reseda
Tops is important in my life...I love Tops because I am embarrassed to attend a meeting without having done something to take off pounds sensibly. If there were no Tops in my life I would not be doing anything to lose weight. I feel am accountable to myself as I face the scale and tape measurer when I attend a meeting.

Mary Markley WA1284, Ocean Park
Not only is our group supportive with weight loss and personal problems, they are right there to help and we have an AWESOME leader in Donna Reynolds. She is an inspiration to all. The programs we have are great too.

Vicki Libby WA1284, Ocean Park
TOPS gravitates to the bestest group of womeneses ever!! Bar none!!! Our entire chapter has wonderful gals. Our meetings are filled with business, laughter and fun. I love the TOPS events. I met our dynamic leader, Donna Reynolds, as a guest speaker. She is a great organizer and leader.

Jan Harris CA1823, Paradise
I really hit the jackpot the day I found my wonderful TOPS chapter. We meet Monday morning and it's such an important part of my life. I may not always be a KOPS, but I'll always be a TOPS.

Laura Wells CA428, Santa Ana
TOPS is an awesome always have a friend, a buddy, someone to lend a helping hand to or receive a hand when you are in need!!! TOPS is always there for you.

Bea Hartong AZ167 Phoenix
Because they Love you for who you are. And Tops always encourages you to never give up on yourself. You are important no matter what and Tops stands by that.

Donna Lincecum:
I am a happy person again thanks to TOPS, I too was withdrawn and unhappy but they brought me back out a happier and healthier person I am today, TOPS is awesome and the people are the greatest because they are always there with love , support, encouragement and they never give up on you.

Judy vanHecke-WA589, Kennewick:
I have made many wonderful friends in my 23 years as a member. I have learned a lot about nutrition and health.

Lou Ann Locicero-OR1073, Hillsboro:
What's not to love? A healthy life, beat diabetis, beat high blood pressure..etc.

Naomi Rios-Tops Member:
“It isn't the programs fault that I'm having trouble losing, it's mine and I know what I need to do. Being leader of my chapter I really want to set a good example and I do try. Am a very slow loser, but that doesn't bother me. Knowing where to get help, from my TOPS chapter sisters is encouraging and helpful. This is the best program and I've tried many others.”

Linda Parsons-Vashon Island, WA:
“I love TOPS because I am accepted even when I am feeling unacceptable.”

Leta May Taylor-WA 459, Bremerton:
“I love TOPS because I have so many friends in TOPS (close friends like family). I am able to control my weight. And I hope I can give to TOPS even half what TOPS gives to me. Love the magazine too. ”

Nolia Krueger-WA 1135, Sequim:
“If I didn't weigh in every week and be accountable, I would weigh 25 lbs more, like when I joined! My fellow members are encouraging “cheer leaders!” ”

Luella Hilby-WA 1135, Sequim
“To me, TOPS is a place where I can relate to people who are facing the same challenges I face. It's a place where there is an understanding of my efforts as I struggle to get rid of weight that makes me feel bad about myself, and interferes with better health. A place where there are “Cheers” for successes and “Encouragement to persevere” when there is a gain. A place to make new and true friends. A place to re-affirm my decision to Take Off Pounds Sensibly.”

Eleanore Eckert-AZ 0116
My husband was on the ground floor of the computer industry so we transferred a lot (20 times in that many years) My children made friends at school, my husband at work but I a stay at home Mom went to TOPS and made beautiful friends, they never failed me.”

Rachel Thalrose-AZ 287
“I have been a member of AZ0287 for 9 years. I just completed 8 years in the BLACK as a KOPS! I'd like to thank my husband Leonard and my AZ 0287 TOPS members for all their love and support. I became a KOPS on August 10, 2001 and although the road has been difficult at times I stayed motivated, focused and disciplined. I am truly at the goal of being myself and I am very proud of myself. I love all of you!”